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What is learned in our graduate school?

Our graduate school offers Master’s as well as doctoral programs. There are many companies that require individuals with master’s level training. Our doctoral program educates individuals who would like to enhance their research capabilities and plan to conduct research and one day have their own company. In our Master’s program, all students are enrolled in one of the departmental laboratories and engage in research activities guided by a professor. After two years of research, students complete their academic dissertation. By working in cutting-edge research areas, students acquire knowledge in a specialised field and associated methods to define and solve scientific problems. These skills significantly affect the development of the student’s ability to become a competent industrial engineer after post-graduation. In addition, students are given the opportunity to present and publish their work in domestic as well as international academic societies, thereby promoting and demonstrating their competence on the world stage. In addition, all students are required to take graduate-level coursework to deepen their knowledge in specialised fields.

What type of reserch is being conducted?

Management engineering is engineering for an enterprise to achieve ‘best-practice management’. Its aim is to consider ‘what is the best product’ and ‘what is the best production method’. It differs from the engineering fields relating to particular technologies, such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and applied chemistry. The following are the teachers in industrial engineering: